Southland Fabrication is the product of a young couple in the 80's with a dream of creating something for themselves, the community, and their future family.  Ron Wood has been in the metal business for the greater part of his life, starting at humble beginnings working as a grinder in a sheet metal shop in North County San Diego.  Donna his wife worked for a shop in North County as well.  Ron apprenticed under his boss at the time, stayed as many hours, and worked as hard as he could to learn the trade. 

Fast forward some years later in 1987, after learning the trade and having the vision of owning something of their own, Southland Fabrication was born.   The shop started very simple, a few pieces of machinery, only what Donna and Ron could realistically afford.  All of the operations were run in their small garage in Fallbrook, Ca.  Since then the company has grown out of three buildings, and gone from 2 employees to about 20. 

Southland has been in business, sustainably and continuously growing for 29 years.  As a company we believe that our quality of work and our reliability, for the price are next to none.  We strive to surround our shop with employees of talent and character.  People who believe in looking above and beyond policy and a procedure manual.  The majority of our employees have been with us for ten or more years.  We are very proud to provide a long standing place to work for them. 

Going forward, Southland will be keeping things in the family. With the same family vision, Ron and Donna's two sons joined the business in 2014.  Andy who graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Alex with a BA in Business Administration: marketing, will be helping manage and grow the company for years to come.   

Family owned and run since day one....